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6 Trending Bead Looks This Summer

6 Trending Bead Looks This Summer

The world of beaded accessories is constantly changing, and when owning a small jewellery business, it is crucial to keep up with the latest bead looks. From seed bead rings, to gemstone charms, to plastic fantastic y2k necklaces, this Summer's accessories are all about bold colours and making a statement. Forget following rules, and embrace the random, unique aesthetic! 

Not quite sure where to start with your Summer collections? We've got you covered! Check out these 6 trending beading looks for the upcoming season, as well as a handy shopping guide to achieve the style. 

6 Trendy Bead Looks For This Summer

1. Colourful Necklace Stacks 

With festivals and sunny girls trips just around the corner, necklace stacks are a must have accessory for the Summer wardrobe. Stacks are a great way to experiment with a variety of materials, colours and shapes, and is a really art to create a set of necklaces that compliment one another. From freshwater pearls, to smiley acrylic beads, to dainty glass beads, combine a selection of Summer themed beads to create a unique and eye catching style which is unique to your business. 

Tip: This is a popular trend, so find an unusual and unique centre piece to make your looks stand out. For example, in the look below, we used a chunky clasp at the front of the necklace which draws eyes into the centre of the stack. Balance and symmetry is key in stacking! 

necklace stacking for summer bead trends 2022

2. Seed Bead Rings

When holidays are at the forefront of everyones minds over the Summer period, holiday jewellery is a great way to not only try new looks, but also embrace more affordable accessories and not take expensive pieces abroad. Seed bead rings are the perfect holiday accessory, offering a playful and unique style. And the best part? They are pretty simple to create, and require less supplies, making them a great product to offer a in your jewellery business! 

We especially love the bead rings created by Made By Praise. This designer combines cute fruit designs with glass seed beads to make one of a kind pieces. Perfectly fresh for those warm, sunny days! 

3. Waist Beads

Waist Beads are a great way to accessorise those beach styles this Summer! Although it is a less common accessory than standard jewellery pieces, it is a great way to experiment with longer bead patterns and create a unique product for your brand. If you are lucky enough to have beach ready weather (not so much here in the UK...), waist beads are a great seller and are the ultimate holiday must have.

Check out these gorgeous looks by Bella Body Beads

4. Anklets

Whether you love the chunky, acrylic look or dainty, seed bead style, anklets are a great Summer accessory to add to your bead business. With dresses and shorts coming out to play, it is the time to invest in new trendy anklets. Much like necklaces, people have their own styles and likes with anklets, so it is important to make your designs unique, but also implement trending materials. As suppliers of beads, we can tell you that seed, acrylic, glass and especially shell beads are fantastic products for anklets and will be comfortable for Summer wearing.

 5. Beaded Phone Straps 

Beaded phone straps were a fantastically fun trend of 2021, and we are thrilled to say they are here to stay this Summer! From plastic fantastic acrylic straps to chunky glass looks, step away from beaded jewellery and branch out into more unique, yet must have accessories. Not only do they fit in with the much loved 90's and y2k aesthetic, but they are also very handy! I think we can all related to the heart stopping moment of dropping our phones...

6. Huggy Hoops

Huggy Hoops are great for everyday wearing, but that definitely doesn't mean they shouldn't make a statement! Work with head pins to create unusual and quirky charms to hang from your huggy hoops, offering a real pop of colour for those Summer outfits. 

Tip: Try using 3D or round beads, which can be threaded onto head pins. This will create a 360 degree effect, so the earrings look great from every angle. We would also recommend working with glass or gemstone beads, as they created a weighted finish. Our Glass Mushroom Beads are great for this look! 


These 6 Summer looks are just the beginning in the world of bead projects. Summer 2022 is the time to experiment and break the fundamental rules of jewellery. Why not wear two different earrings? Or wear your clasps at the front of your neck? Take this time to grow your brand and try new techniques that will create a one of a kind identity. Being unique is everything in the beaded jewellery world, so don't be afraid to stand apart from the crowd! 

If you want to give these styles a go this Summer, check out this handy shopping guide to get you started. 

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