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22 Beading Supplies For Spring & Summer To Celebrate TwosDay 2022

22 Beading Supplies For Spring & Summer To Celebrate TwosDay 2022

We jump at any opportunity to share some beading recommendations, and this one was just too good to pass up. Today is a special day, with the date being a palindrome, meaning the date will read the same backwards as it does forward. Reading 22.2.22 is a rare event which will come along in another 100 years. So, to celebrate this TwosDay in true bead obsessed style, we have put together this Spring themed Beading Guide filled with 22 must have beading supplies. 

Why Choose 22 Bead Supplies?

Well other than celebrating this rare date, 22 is a brilliant number for building a near complete beading collection. So whether you are new to beading, or want to restock your stashes for your beading business, 22 supplies is an almost perfect number for getting everything you need to make jewellery or get stuck in a variety of beading projects.

We say 'almost' and 'near', because let's be honest... We are all a bit bead obsessed and can't help but stock up on new beads! 


Is The Colourful y2k Trend Sticking Around in 2022?

When we are surrounded by beads all day, every day, we can sometimes loose track of what's going to be a best seller and what might be better for other seasons in the year (What can we say? We LOVE all of our beads!). But this article has been created with research in mind, giving you accurate information about which beads are really going to be trending from Spring to Summer this year. 

2021 was definitely a year for insanely bright colours and fabulous acrylic beads, really capturing the love of the y2k era. And for those of you who are still a little obsessed with this look, we are here to say it isn't going anywhere in 2022. *Crowd goes wild!*

Don't believe us? Take it from one of the world's leading fashion publications, Vogue. In their article, The Hottest Jewellery Trends For 2022, they highlight that 2022 is a year to throw out all traditional rules of jewellery and use this piece of fashion to embrace its core value; to be playful and personal. In a difficult past couple of years, embracing colour and playfulness in jewellery has been a way to express emotion and escape from uncertain times.

Thanks to the influence of Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa in the y2k aesthetic, what was once a style only seen in fashion jewellery, it is now developed into higher fashion statements too. With this in mind, people with all incomes are looking for something bright and colourful to drape around their necks and wrists this Summer. 


But we ask, where did this trend really start? Holiday jewellery is definitely a thing - embracing colourful anklets and seashell styles. But when holidays came to halt it was a way to embrace those escapism vibes, even if it was at home. So whether this year brings holidays in the sun or staycations, the bright and playful jewellery trend is here to stay and will be a necessary accessory for those sunnier days.

So in conclusion, there is definitely a rise of finer jewellery, but Plastic Fantastic trends aren't going anywhere. If anything, there is no rule to separate the two looks, with stacking being an on going trend. Combining fine gold with bubble gum acrylic beads is definitely not unlikely! 


22 Beading Recommendations For Spring & Summer 2022

From colourful and quirky beads, to useful findings, to quality charms, we've got you covered with these helpful shopping guides. Now, we know everyone was their own unique style in their jewellery making projects, but we have become beading experts in spotting trends in purchases.

This guide is catered at the fans of acrylic and seed bead jewellery, perfect for a variety of beading projects, such as jewellery and phone straps. The point of this guide is to give you 22 recommendations that are versatile for a number of crafting projects, but with the colourful aesthetic in mind.

Although this blog is catered at Spring collections, we are always thinking one step ahead (and so should you in the jewellery making business), meaning this collection is versatile for those Summer collections too. 

4 Findings Recommendations

Let's start with the practical stuff (don't worry, the colourful, fun bit is coming next!). 

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10 Bead Recommendations

From acrylic beads, to seed beads, to gemstone chips, these 10 recommendations are perfect for Summer and Spring trends.

1. White Acrylic Pearl Beads 

Acrylic Pearl Beads 4mm and 6mm beads for jewellery

Shop Now

2. Bake Painted Glass Seed Beads

bake painted glass seed beads for summer jewellery

Shop Now

3. Alphabet Acrylic Beads

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4. Gemstone Chip Nugget Beads

gemstone chip nugget beads for jewellery making

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5. Hawaii Blossom Polymer Clay Beads

hawaii blossom polymer clay beads for kids crafts and jewellery making projects

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6. Millefiori Glass Flower Beads

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7. Chunky Acrylic Flower Beads

chunky flower acrylic beads for y2k jewellery and kids crafts

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8. Multicoloured Pastel Round Glass Bead Strands

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9. Cylinder 6mm Polymer Clay Heishi Beads

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10. Multicoloured Pastel Flower Acrylic Beads

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5 Charm Recommendations

Along with beads, charms and pendants are a great way to add something a little different to your designs, especially when they are this bright and colourful. We have selected 5 of the most on trend pendant products from our Charm Chest Collection.

It's important to have a selection of threads for a variety of projects. For example, making phone straps is very different to making beaded necklaces, and making bracelets is very different to making phone straps, and so on. These three supplies will give you the option to work on multiple projects. 

1. Daisy Enamel Charm Pendants

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2. Lemon Enamel Light Gold Charm Pendants 

lemon enamel pendant beads

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3. Silver Evil Eye Metal Enamel Charm Pendants

evil eye metal pendant charms for beading in pink blue white and purple colours.

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4. Rainbow Smiley Face Light Gold Pendant Charms

smiley face enamel pendant charms

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5. Ombre Teddy Bear Resin Pendants

teddy bear resin acrylic pendant charms for kids crafts and y2k jewellery

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3 Threading Recommendations

The thread choices are just as important as your bead choices. It is key to have a selection of threads for your projects based on material and size. For example, beading cord for phone straps is very different to the cord needed for elastic bracelets. Here are 3 recommendations to get you going on a variety of projects. 

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