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5 Unique Ways To Use Your Leftover Beads

5 Unique Ways To Use Your Leftover Beads

In any beading project, there are bound to be a few left overs and of course we don’t just want to throw those away! There are many fun ways to use up leftover beads. Here’s what we suggest:


Bead Soup

Whether you have some big wooden beads, some glass crackle beads or even some clay fruit beads, why not try and mix them up into one bowl. It may seem like an odd combo, but there are no boundaries when it comes to beading... go wild! You can make a lot of great things from these soups. One design we love is beaded curtains. All you need is some ribbon, a big bowl of beads and a needle on the end of the ribbon.


Add a feature piece to your jewellery

If you have some larger leftover beads, these can be perfect for a unique feature piece to add to your jewellery designs. Whether it is a pair of earrings, a necklace or even an anklet, make your creations truly stand out with some wacky accent beads.


Donate your leftovers

Give your beads a new lease of life in the hands of someone else. There are many that would LOVE your leftover beads, whether its a friend, a younger sibling or those in need of a creative outlet. You could even donate them to the art department at your local school.


Experiment with new designs

It can be easy to get stuck in just one style, but there are endless ways to use beads! A few that we love is:


  • Hanging Plant Pots
  • Accessorised Hair Slides
  • Beaded Photo Frames
  • Decorated Candle Holders

And even better? These make for beautiful handmade gifts!


Bead Trades

Why not do a little trade party with your beading friends! Bring over your left over beads and find inspiration in one another. This is a great way to try something new and step out of your comfort zone with a slightly different style.

TIP: Once you’ve traded, why not make each other friendship jewellery, made from a mix of all of your beads. The perfect way to unite styles!


These are just a few suggestions. What can be taken away from this article, is that there is never a need to throw away beautiful beads. It is a great way to get you to try new styles and gives others a chance to love the beading hobby.


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