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6 Bead Themed Phone Wallpaper Every Crafter Needs

6 Bead Themed Phone Wallpaper Every Crafter Needs

For a beader, being surrounded by beads and endless craft supplies is nothing out of the ordinary. If you have some experience in the field of jewellery making and beading, you will know all too well the colourful chaos the hobby brings to not only your craft room, but also your life. With this in mind, we believe our phones should be no exception to the beautiful bead chaos, besides, we spend a huge amount of time scrolling Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and sharing the bead love with our fellow crafters.

With this in mind, we have created some super cute bead themed wallpapers to jazz up your phone home screens! From funky beads, to funny quotes, these wallpapers are a must have for any bead obsessed crafter. These have been designed with you in mind, and we want to give these to you as a fun (and free!) gift to always remind you of the joys of the beading hobby. Simple, hold down on the images, and hit save (or right click and then save the image if you are on a desktop.   

1. Never Underestimate The Power Of A Crafter And Their Beads 

A match to be reckoned with! 

Never underestimate the power of a crafter and their beads phone wallpaper.

2. Beading In Progress

That bar isn't moving anytime soon... Beading is ALWAYS in progress!

Bead in Progress phone wallpaper download.

3. A Bead Mix Dream

A crafters BFF is the ultimate bead mix, filled with acrylic beads, seed beads and maybe a few Glass Mushroom beads! What more could you want?

Fun and colourful bead wallpaper for phone.

4. Bead Your Stress Away

Feeling overwhelmed? Grab a cuppa, settle down in your craft room, and play around with some fun beads. Beading is a great way to release stress and focus on something positive and rewarding. 

'Bead Your Stress Away' Free phone wallpaper download.

5. Eat, Sleep, Bead, Repeat!

'Eat, Sleep, Bead, Repeat' Free Phone Wallpaper Download for crafters

6. Work Less, Bead More

'Work Less, Bead More'

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