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Ready to go....

A few days later than planned, we're finally ready to trade.  We're really excited about that.  What we want to do is thank our first customers with a fantastic discount.  During September, you can use the code "guineapig" to get 20% off anything on the site when you mention your purchase on Twitter or Facebook.  We think our normal prices are great, so hopefully you'll agree that the discount is an amazing opportunity to get early Christmas presents or just treat yourself!


The "guineapig" probably says it all.  You'll be one of our first customers so we're desperate to hear what you've got to say.  if you drop us an email at to tell us what you think of our site, our range, what you've bought from us or anything else (the more honest the better), maybe we can see our way to letting you have another offer code to help you finish your Christmas shopping!

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