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Amazing Agate: 5 Important Properties

Amazing Agate: 5 Important Properties

As well as being incredibly beautiful, Agate Gemstones hold many properties that support mental stability and health. If you need a little stability in life, Agate offers grounding abilities, possibly represented through the unique symmetry in the mineral deposit, creating their unique and beautiful stripes. Check out these top 5 properties which will show you the true power of the Agate and connect you to nature:

1. Balance

Agate is well known for its balancing abilities and has been passed down from ancient cultures, including Egyptian and Islamic civilisations. With it being anchored to the Earth, it transmits stability and balance, allowing you to find peace throughout movements in life. When encountered with the many stresses life challenges us with, Agate provides guidance to centre the mind and body in facing the stresses calmly.

Blue Real Striped Agate

8mm Real Striped Blue Agate Gemstones - £4.49

2. Positivity

With stress, comes negative energy. By supporting mental reaction to stressful situations and providing a centred and grounded view, allows positivity to take over the negative emotions. Blue Agate also helps encourage those who struggle to speak their voice to come forward and be truthful of their feelings, allowing for a positive outlook on life. Using Agates as necklaces are especially useful for cleanses the throat area, giving courage to speak truthfully.


3. Keeps Harmony In Relationships

Whether it is a spouse, a friend or a parent and child, Agate offers harmony and strengthens bonds. By offering positive energy, it encourages us to see the good in others and work to build deep connections with loved ones. Relationships are complicated for so many reasons, but Agate will help clear your mind with a positive Aura to stay on track for good communication.

Purple Real Striped Agate Gemstone Strand

8mm Real Striped Agate Purple Gemstones - £4.49

4. Stronger mental function

Agate is great at encouraging mental stability, such as the growth of concentration and analytical ability. It also encourages the mind to see a wider perspective, both analytically and creatively, to provide you with this a balanced and positive outlook on life’s challenges.


5. Relieves anxiety

The gemstones soothing and grounding properties not only stimulates positivity, but encourages peace of mind and dispels overwhelming thoughts.

Green Striped Agate Gemstones

Among these 5 main properties, there are many ways to use Agate Gemstones in the support of your life. Whether its encouraging creativity, positivity or harmony of the mind and body, it can be applied to numerous elements to create a happier life with stronger connections with loved ones.

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