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Big Little Store's Lockdown Experience

Big Little Store's Lockdown Experience

Over the last few months, everyone has had to adapt in one way or another. Whether its businesses or individuals, we have all faced challenges we just weren’t prepared for. 

For Big Little Store, we had to change in many ways! With lockdown giving many a sudden abundance of free time, crafting hobbies became overwhelmingly popular and people were turning to Big Little Store for their supplies. In turn, we took this opportunity to develop a more streamlined procedure for processing orders and updating our website to show off our huge range of beads, jewellery supplies and gifts. 

We also understand that experimenting with unique and different materials is a huge part of crafting hobbies. With this in mind, we decided to make our collections bigger and better than ever before! We stocked up with many brand new beads to give you the freedom to try out new designs at affordable prices. We are currently in the process of setting up a Fundamentals Collection filled with wonderful new beads. Check out Our New Stock This Month.

In many ways, facing such a dramatic event helped us think out of the box and grow as a company to give our customers the best crafting supplies possible. It also gave many the downtime to experiment with new hobbies and grow creatively. Whether it’s trying out jewellery making for the first time, picking up embroidery or playing around with any other crafts, creative flair is at an all time high! If you are new to the creative game, you may find 5 Essentials For Jewellery Making an interest read.

If you would like to find out more about our Store Policies in regards to Covid-19, click here.

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