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The healing properties of amethyst gemstones

Embrace Serenity With Amethyst Gemstones

As this long and stressful year draws to an end, it has never been more important to just take a breath and relax. As I write this, I feel exhausted from a pretty overwhelming year, which I am sure you can relate to! With a mission to take a mental holiday and get set for the New Year, there is one gemstone that comes to mind to give us a little positive energy... Amethyst! It’s rich and enticing purple hues are enough to make you forget your worries. But its not just their beauty that makes them so special. They supposedly have many powers that help support ones mental and physical state. Here are the top 5:

Physical support

Although these are not scientifically proven, their have been many claims to say Amethyst can support physical health, including:

  • Improvement of skin health
  • Reducing headaches 
  • Regulating the digestive system

Amethyst Gemstone Strand

Mental Stability

Amethyst is mythically known for its mental health healing properties. It was originally passed down by the Greeks - where it was said to help preserve sanity - to the Romans where supposedly it stopped them from getting drunk (I wouldn’t rely too much on that one on Christmas Eve!). It now is known for its ability to emit a calming energy that brings serenity and peace to the mind. 



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