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New Arrivals - December 2020

New Arrivals - December 2020

We may say this every month... But this has been a VERY exciting month! We have been hard at work organising, photographing and packaging all of the new fantastic plastic beads we have just received. They have been in-stock for just one week and they are flying off the shelves! Just in time for Christmas, these are perfect for crafting and beading to get some unique products in your shop, or they make wonderful gifts for someone who loves to bead.

So without further ado, here is our new plastic bead arrivals:


1. Transparent Round Acrylic AB Rainbow Lustre Beads. Choice Of Sizes (4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm)

Add a little shimmer to your life with these stunning AB rainbow Lustre Beads. 

AB Lustre Rainbow Plastic Beads


2. 8mm Round Pastel Bead In Bead Acrylic Beads. Pack Of 100. 2mm Hole.

These have been especially popular over the past few days! The pastel colours are beautiful and make for beautiful features in jewellery making projects. 


3. 40 x AB Lustre Butterfly Acrylic Beads. Mixed Colours

We love these so much. The AB lustre looks fantastic and makes it seem like they could really flutter away!


4. 10mm Transparent AB Lustre Star Beads. 10x4mm. Mixed Pack Of 100. 1.5mm Hole.

Acrylic is a great material for beads as it's light, colourful and safe.  Add some colour to your work!

AB Lustre Star Acrylic Beads


5. Transparent Inside Colour 6mm Round Acrylic Beads. Mixed Pack Of 200. 2mm Hole.

These have vibrant colours which almost glow from the inside of the bead!


6. Acrylic Mixed Colour Teddy Bear Beads. 13.5x11.5x7.5mm, Hole: 2.5mm. Pack Of 50.

These Teddy Bear Beads couldn’t be cuter if they tried! The opaque bright colours make them so fun to work with and add some really brightness to your designs. 

Teddy Bear plastic beads


These are just our top picks! Take our word for it when we say there are plenty more where this came from. Check out our full Plastic Bead collection, and stock up your craft room with some fun and colourful beads. 

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