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New Bead Products This April

New Bead Products This April

April has been a busy month for products, with plenty of new (and amazing!) bead stock. We are focusing on bringing in some fresh and beautiful styles, perfect for those Spring designs, as well as preparation for the Summer collection. With the prospect of a slightly more lively Summer than last year (fingers crossed!), we want to equipped you with the coolest and funkiest beads for your handmade jewellery designs. Here are some of our newest members to the Big Little Store family: 

1. Fruit Fimo Kawaii Polymer Clay Beads In Packs of 50. Individual Fruit Designs.

Already a best seller, these Clay Fruit Beads come in six variations, including raspberries, oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries and avocados. These are so much fun for making some fun and colourful jewellery with a unique twist. You just need to choose which one you want now... tip: It doesn't just have to be one! 

Fruit Kawaii Clay Fimo Beads 

2. Seed Bead Soup. Super 60g Bag Of Random Size & Shape Glass Seed Beads.

This one of the craziest products we have had for a while! We had so many bags of half filled seed beads, waiting to be used, but never quite found a purpose. Now, they are one amazing, colourful and mad product all mixed together! Including 2mm, 3mm and 4mm Seed Beads, these are great for designs that are unique and different every time. Not only does our Seed Bead Soup include multiple sizes, it has a variety of colours and finishes, including opaque, metallic, ceylon, silver-lined and many more!

 Seed Bead Soup product from Big Little Store - Liskeard, Cornwall

3. Seed Bead Organiser Packs 

Whether you are just starting out in the world of beading, or you are a pro, these Seed Bead Organiser Packs are an amazing way to gain lots of wonderful colours and finishes in one mega product. These are available in colour themed styles as well as a random selection. 

3mm Seed Bead Organiser Packs in colour themed styles with a selection of finishes from Big Little Store - Liskeard, Cornwall

4. Chip Nugget Gemstone Beads. 40g Pack (Approx 100 Beads). 5-8mm. 1mm Hole

Although we have had this product for many years now, we have redesigned it and it has been a huge hit! Instead of offering this product on strands, we have transferred them to bags that are slightly smaller, but much more affordable. Our Rose Quartz range has been especially popular... Which is your favourite? 

Gemstone chip Nuggets in packs of 40g in a variety of sizes and options, including Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Amazonite, Peridot and Sodalite from Big Little Store - Liskeard, Cornwall

5. Tiny Faceted Bicone Transparent Multicoloured Acrylic Beads - 3mm; hole size: 1mm - Pack of 1000

Think of an Acrylic Seed bead with a beautiful Bicone design and this is what will pop to mind! Available in an abundance of bright colours, these are ideal for jewellery making, especially bracelets and necklaces.

Tiny Facted bicone acrylic beads in bright mixed colours, ideal for jewellery making from Big Little Store - Liskeard, Cornwall

6. AB Lustred Multicoloured Acrylic Flower Beads - 14mm - hole size: 1.2mm. Pack of 50

We have grown our flower bead collection hugely over the past month. We now have a wonderful selection, perfect for those Spring and Summer beading designs. These are a top product from this collection, offering the perfect balance between, colour, shape and detailing. These Flower Beads offer a beautiful AB Lustred shimmer as well as bicone detailing, which is sure to add true dimension to your beading creations. 

Acrylic Multicoloured Flower AB Lustred Flower Beads with bicone detailing, ideal for beading hobbies. From Big Little Store - Liskeard, Cornwall

These are just a few of the many wonderful beads we have in our stock range. To browse our full 'New Arrivals' collection, click HERE.  



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