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Serene Sodalite - Properties of Sodalite Gemstones

Serene Sodalite - Properties of Sodalite Gemstones

During this Lockdown, self care and mental well-being couldn’t be more important. There are many ways to stay positive, whether it is exercise, taking a long bath or enjoying the company of your bubble. But another way to feel peace and enjoy some serenity is the aura of the Sodalite Gemstones.

It is claimed that Sodalite is a powerful stone that brings calm, and peaceful energy. It’s is well known for its ability to encourage rational thinking and maintain emotional balance. All these factors are hugely important in maintaining some much needed mental self-care.

One of it’s main elements is its ability to calm the mind, allowing an overactive mind to be cleared, so inner thoughts can truly be heard. Taking the time to have a quiet headspace can encourage better intuition in your life.

It is said that wearing Sodalite in the form of jewellery is a figure at way to connect with its peaceful energy throughout the day, and can help you speak the truth, as well as see it with a clear mind.

Not only does Sodalite emit serenity, it is a beautiful gemstone. It’s mottled blue and white tones reminds us of the Cornish coast we live on and reminds us everyday of its powerful beauty. We see it as the perfect stone to stay connected to our surroundings and the natural surroundings Cornwall has to offer.

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