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Spring Picks - Top Beads To Work With This Spring

Spring Picks - Top Beads To Work With This Spring

Whether you are a jewellery maker, like to work with embroidery or just bead for fun, keeping up with the latest seasonal trends is a must. What do you think of when you hear Spring? Is it brightly coloured flowers? Or new born creatures? Or longer, sunnier days? Whatever it is, we have the perfect Spring bead collection that will really make your Spring creations stand out. Check out our Top 5 picks:


1. Blossom Clay Fimo Beads

An all time favourite here at Big Little Store. These beautiful Flower Blossom Beads come in a lovely array of colours, offering that wild flower theme. These work perfectly as earrings, as a feature piece on a necklace or in a collection on your phone charms.

Blossom Flower Beads, perfect for beading hobbies this Spring

2. Assorted Flower Polymer Clay Beads

Can’t decide on one style? These offer both a variety of colours and patterns, making each of your creations unique.

Assorted Flow Clay Polymer Beads, ideal for Spring beading activities. Come in a variety of colours and floral patterns - round in shape.

3. AB Lustre Butterfly Acrylic Beads

Let your creations come to life with these shimmering Butterfly Beads. The AB lustre offers beautiful dimension with its shimmer/colour changing effect.

AB Lustre Butterfly Beads (pack of 50) in a variety of bright colours - ideal for beading activities.

4. Frosted Transparent Flower Beads

Looking for something a little more simple? These frosted flower beads offer a 3D shape in a variety of beautiful colours.

Frosted Transparent Flower Beads in bright colours.

5. AB Lustre Rainbow Round Glass Beads

Although these aren’t in floral shapes, we just love the colours of these glass beads! In particular, the Peach Lustre makes us think of sunsets on warm Spring evenings.

Glass AB Lustre bead strands in blue, peach and clear - 8mm

Which ones are you going to work with this Spring? Let us know in the comments below! 

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