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Perfect Peridot: This Springs Top Gemstone

Perfect Peridot: This Springs Top Gemstone

Peridot Gemstones in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm from Big Little Store

Inspiration flourishes when Spring arrives. Although each season offers its own natural beauties, Spring offers a true sense of renewal, freshness and prosperity. For jewellery designers and other crafters, Spring is a fantastic time to play around with new colours, vibrant patterns and interesting materials after a cool Winter. 

In the spirit of finding inspiration in your beading ventures this Spring, the Peridot Gemstone is the perfect style for this season. Not only does it offer beautiful hues of greens, it has a unique mottled tones to add really dimension to any creation. Peridot Gemstones are rare in that they only come in one colour. However, the array of greens is mesmerising! From pale greens to dark brown-greens, Peridot is the perfect gemstone to represent the different tones of greens in nature.  

Properties of Peridot Gemstones

Peridot is known for its strong, but gentle energy that helps nurture kindness and helps to let go of the old and encourage essences of renewal. It is a stone that maintains harmonious balance, both in relationships and in nature. It is the perfect stone to represent the changing seasons and the feeling of regeneration! 


Peridot is also associated with strength and balance that helps maintain inner peace. Wearing it as jewellery helps promote a balance of emotions, especially when worn close to your chest such as a necklace.  

Cast away those stresses life is throwing at you and embrace the properties of the Peridot Gemstone to boost your inner peace and joy. Spring is all about letting go of the old and embracing the new, so whether you haven’t tried Peridot before or you love it and want to try something new, now is the time to get creative with the perfect Spring gemstone!

Browse our Peridot Gemstones Here. 

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