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Top 4 Properties of Obsidian Gemstones

Top 4 Properties of Obsidian Gemstones

Not only is the Obsidian Gemstone beautifully illusive, it holds many healing properties. With its mysterious darkness, it is one of the most prominent gemstones for powers, dating back to the Palaeolithic times. If you are looking for a deep cleanse, then this is the one for you! Here are the top 4 properties of the compelling Obsidian:

 Grade A Obsidian

1. Draws out stress and tension in the body

Life can get a little bit much sometimes and everyone has to deal with stress of some kind. Obsidian is known for releasing this built up tension which can cloud the mind and body. It evokes a feeling of clarity and clears the mind from confusion, making stress more manageable. 

2. Shields against negativity in an environment

Obsidian is well known for its ability to protect against negative auras. With strong metaphysical properties, it cuts ties with toxic attachments in life and stimulates positive mentality. 

3. Identifies darkness

Whether it's in yourself or someone else, Obsidian aids in highlighting dark and light sides to people. Obsidian helps to identify the elements in us that we may not want to see and provides healing properties to clear darkness. This helps us to see out true selves and not hide from darkness, but rather lighten it. 

4. Stabilises and grounds aura

In times of confusion and disorganised thoughts, Obsidian assists in grounding thoughts and clearing the minds to see a path forward. It dispels feelings of procrastination and lack of focus, allowing for a brighter focus on thoughts and emotions.  

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