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Weekly Bead Recommendation - Bubble Beads

Weekly Bead Recommendation - Bubble Beads

When you’re sat scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for beading inspiration - surrounded by random beads and miles worth of beading thread - it can sometimes be overwhelming to see which beads are best to choose! We’re here to make getting that inspiration that little bit easier. Each week, we will be choosing our favourite bead that we think you will L O V E. Whether it’s acrylic, glass or clay you are after, keep a beady-eye out to see our weekly recommendations to keep up with the latest trends in the beading lifestyle.

So without further a do, this weeks pick is... BUBBLE BEADS! I mean, what isn’t there to love about these?

Bubble beads, ideal for beading hobbies

We have made sure to stock up on a beautiful array of colours as well as 2 different sizes - 6mm and 8mm. These are perfect for having a bit of fun, without worrying about the breaking, like glass beads. Whether you are interested in jewellery making or chain design for glasses and your face masks, these are durable, yet beautiful and dainty. 

The AB Lustre on them is a winning feature. They add dimension to any design and makes the shimmer beautiful from any angle. 

We stock these in pink, purple, clear, blue and turquoise. Which one are you going to choose? (Don’t worry, it doesn’t just have to be one!!).


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