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We've got a new name!

We've got a new name!

We'd been thinking about a new name for a while and had this one in mind. Meet The Big Little Store!

Unfortunately the term "Big Igloo" has been adopted by the far right in the US and we thought it was so important to distance ourselves from this movement that we have decided to change name with immediate effect.

We cannot stress enough that we have no connection with the group concerned, nor do we wish to, thus the rather sudden (not to mention difficult and expensive!) change to something new. Just to prove this point, our old domain name was registered in 2013 and our trademark in 2017 which in both cases was years before the term first recorded as being used by these groups.

Over the next few days we'll be moving everything across to the new name.  Most things have already been changed and a request is in at Facebook to change our page name.  The Liskeard shop will shortly get new signage.

Our website is already live at  Visit us today!


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