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Big Little Store And The Environment

We take environmental responsibility seriously. All our electricity is from 100% renewable sources and we have a “closed door policy” which means that we never keep our door open while we’re heating the shop (which many shops do). 

We are members of the Refill scheme which means we offer free refills of tap water to anyone with a reusable water bottle in order to reduce single plastic bottle usage.

All our deliveries are carbon offset through an accredited offset scheme.

We we try to keep our own brand packaging minimal. We do use polypropylene bags for our beads and polyethylene mailing bags for certain online orders but we think very carefully about using the smallest possible bags. We recognise that these items are not ideal but currently cannot find a viable alternative. The bags we use are very thin and contain a tiny fraction of the plastic you would find in, for example, a meat or fruit container from a supermarket. We’ll continue to monitor the packaging market for more satisfactory solutions. 

All carrier bags and counter packaging we use is paper. 

 We’re also pleased to offer a 20p discount to anyone buying takeaway coffee and using their own mug or other container. 

Almost all of our postal/shipping packaging is recycled and recyclable card.  In a few unavoidable exceptions, for example bubble wrap on fragile items we do use plastic but keep this to an absolute minimum and regularly review the packaging market for viable alternatives to this. Even our packing tape is made of paper!