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5 Handy Tips For Making Holiday Jewellery

5 Handy Tips For Making Holiday Jewellery

Summer travelling is the ultimate time to try unique experiences and create new memories. Whether it is mooching bustling streets of Barcelona or lounging on the beaches of Cannes, everyone has their ideal holiday... Even more ideal when accompanied by the perfect accessories! 

Safe to say those sunnier and warmer days are a dream for fashion and jewellery enthusiasts, filled with wonderfully colour outfits, bold shades, and most importantly statement accessories. From beaded phone straps, to chunky huggy hoops to the iconic y2k necklaces, we all know the importance of choosing the right jewellery to take on holiday, whether it be taking your favourites or branching out to try new, Summer styles. 

Over the past couple of years, bold and colourful jewellery has been an all year round trend with the option of holidays not really on the cards for many of us. During a challenging time of embracing the stay at home life, the y2k & 90's aesthetic jewellery was a way to add a pop of brightness in to our day to day lives, even when the sun wasn't shining. With life looking a little more normal and holidays becoming an option once again, that bold jewellery aesthetic is the perfect look for those sunny vacation trips. 

For a jewellery maker, Summer time holidays are the perfect opportunity to experiment with new bold colours, unusual patterns and quirky combinations. Drop those neutral Winter palettes and try these 5 great tips for creating the ultimate Holiday Jewellery collection, from durability to making a stylish statement. 

5 Tips For Making Holiday Jewellery 

1. Offer Fun & Affordable Pieces

Many jewellery lovers will buy pieces specifically for their holidays because they don't want to take their beloved, valuable pieces with them. It is the perfect time to try something a little different and branch out into something a little more out of the ordinary, which is both playful and affordable. Whether it's safari exploration or a girls beach trip, beaded jewellery pieces can be made to match specific destinations and aesthetic, whether it's in patterns or colouring. Try working with more unusual combinations to create one of a kind looks, perfect for those fresh holiday vibes! 

2. Create Location Themed Collections

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect holiday, whether its beach, city, desert or even skiing. Holidays aren't just for Summer time, making them a fun and diverse collection concept for your businesses. 

Developing a collection based on location theme gives you the opportunity to try a variety of colour schemes and styles. Not only is it a jewellery makers dream to create such specialised styles, it also gives your business the chance to have a unique selling point and distinctive brand identity... Become the ultimate specialist in holiday accessories! 


3. Make Your Designs Holiday Friendly

Just because pieces are affordable, doesn't mean you need to compromise on quality! Find a good balance between offering great priced products with a focus on durability for the whole holiday. For example, try and choose products that won't be affected by suncream and ocean swimming. Here are a few product recommendations that will offer your pieces durability: 

  • Stainless Steel Jewellery Findings - Unlike colour coated, gold and silver plated and even sterling silver, stainless steel is a fantastic material for durability. Not only does it not tarnish, it is also a strong material that is less likely to snap. 
  • Opaque Seed Beads - When away on holiday, caring for jewellery isn't a top priority, and can often get knocked about and exposed to salt and sun cream chemicals. In this situation, always use Opaque Seed Beads instead of Bake Painted. Opaque is a solid colour that runs all the way through the bead as apposed to a painted coating. 

  • Acrylic Beads - Acrylic Beads are not only super trendy supply to get that 90's aesthetic, but they are a safe, durable and shatter proof material. They are great at holding their colours in a variety of situations and are also lightweight for easy wearing. Plus, they look AMAZING in a bead mix! 
  • Gemstones - As gemstones are a natural product, they are happy being exposed to all types of elements. Not only are their endless types to choose from for a variety of colour palettes, they also supposedly offer a variety of properties perfect for Summer wellbeing. Just be aware of dyed gemstones as colouring can wear in some occasions. 

Along with choosing the right supplies for your holiday pieces, look into perfecting your jewellery making skills to create a secure and neat finish. It is always a good idea to work with findings to create secure clasps rather than simply knotting. If you are looking to knot, check out strong tying techniques to create a long lasting design.

Jewellery making techniques for holiday jewellery.

Fun Tip: Create a 'Holiday Guarantee' for your products, giving your customers the reassurance your designs will last through sun and sea adventures. 

4. Create Easy To Transport Sets

We all know the trouble a little too well of opening up your bag after a long trip and finding your beloved jewellery pieces tangled. It is important to travel light with jewellery pieces on holiday. Make the process that little easier for your buyers by offering easy to carry holiday accessory sets. From beaded rings, to statement necklaces to aesthetic beaded phone straps, create an easy to transport collection which can be mixed and matched throughout the holiday to keep the look fresh. 

An absolute don't in the jewellery world is don't over do it. Interchanging statement rings for eye catching hoops is a great way to always stay accessorised without being too over-blinged.

5. Add Some Summer Shimmer With Freshwater Pearls

Pearls are an ever trending, timeless beading supply to work with and will look great in an endless array of designs. Whether you are working with chunky acrylic beads or tiny seed beads, Pearls are a great way to add a fresh and natural theme, with a dash of luxury. 

These 5 easy tips are sure to make your jewellery stand out this Summer and will create a unique selling point for your jewellery brand. Whether it is sunny trips to Greece or frosty getaways in Austria, get your bead work ready for every holiday. 

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