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7 Etsy SEO Tips to Get Your Jewellery Business in Front of Customers

7 Etsy SEO Tips to Get Your Jewellery Business in Front of Customers

Owning a small business is definitely not a small trend anymore. With over 4.4 million sellers using Etsy in 2020, getting your small business noticed has never been more challenging. Understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must have tool when trying to create an e-commerce company, especially in the growingly popular field of jewellery making. With jewellery being one of the top selling product categories on Etsy, SEO is a crucial marketing strategy for getting your brand and products noticed in a hugely competitive market. 

Today, we are not going to focus on our beading products, but rather share our experience with Esty SEO to potentially help your beaded jewellery business. 

What Exactly is SEO?

Simply put, SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of making your products/brand more discoverable in your business field. This discoverability applies to search engine results. The better your visibility, the more chance you will have of gaining valuable sales.

How Esty Search Works

Etsy is a very user friendly platform, offering easy to apply SEO options for everyone to understand. From adding tags, to long-tail keywords, Etsy takes in to account numerous SEO factors when showing product listings to customers. It is key to understand that Etsy wants to offer the best product matches for what users are searching for, meaning the more information you give Etsy on your products, the better! Etsy ultimately wants their users to have a streamlined and efficient shopping experience, and can only do this with the details you have provided. 

Etsy search algorithms are constantly changing, so it is key to keep up to date with their strategy. This can be found here. But in summary, Etsy's search engine takes into account numerous data points, including title detailing, tags, listing quality and even the usability of your overall shop. If your shop offers a fantastic shopping experience, Etsy is likely to boost your visibility, creating primary sales, which will provide you with reviews, and the more reviews you get, the more trusted your shop becomes, leading to further sales. It is a golden loop that you want to hit!

"And how exactly do I do that?" you may be asking. There is no exact science or guaranteed success pattern, but these recommended steps will give your shop that elevated opportunity for growth. 

7 Etsy SEO Tips For Jewellery Makers

1. Sell a Unique Product

Sure, quality SEO is a fantastic strategy to get your product noticed, but there is no point in investing time and energy into a listing that will be outcompeted by near identical products with more sales and more reviews. It is crucial to find a jewellery design that offers its own unique qualities, style and eye catching features that will speak for themselves.

Before you begin setting up product listings and attempting SEO, brainstorm your best products and identify what is going to make your brand stand out from other sellers. Whether it is quirky beads, branded colour themes or unusual textures, focus on developing a brand that will make people stop and want to find out more.

Tip: Remember to always keep up to do date with trends. Season to season, we always see new jewellery styles and it is key to factor that into your products. Keep developing your work to match what consumers are searching for on Etsy. Try and always think from the perspective of a buyer, and identify what features are important to them, whether it be quality materials, colourful Summer designs or minimalistic gifts.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Before you begin to maximise Etsy's SEO options, it is important that you know exactly who to target and what phrases they are using to find their desired products. Keyword Research is the process of identifying valuable search terms that people are putting into search engines. Understanding this research can provide you with valuable data of the popularity for certain phrases, the ranking difficulty and how competitive they are. 

Here are a few tips for getting started with keyword research:

  • Conduct some consumer research. Ask a few of your friends & family to enter an Etsy search for your product category and note what terms they are using to describe your product. For example, if you sell seed bead necklaces, identify what terms they are using to find a product like that, whether it be long or short descriptions, colour, texture, length etc.  Remember, always consider the perspective of the consumer, as they may not use the search terms that are obvious to you as a maker. For example, someone looking for a seed bead necklace may never have heard of seed beads, and may identify more with tiny glass beads.
  • Undertake some competitor analysis. Although copying other sellers methods is definitely not a good strategy, understanding what makes a best selling product is a great way to take some inspiration for your own listings. For example, what keywords are they focusing on? Why are they at the top of the search result? Do their keywords match your exact search result? Create a list of what keywords are being used in best selling products, and get inspired for your own unique descriptions.
  • Use external sites to identify good keywords in your field. Marmalead is a fantastic Etsy SEO tool, that can identify keyword trends, the popularity of them, and give you information about what active buyers on Etsy are searching for. It can also identify upcoming trends and what consumers may search for in the near future, giving you the chance to keep your products and listings up to date! 

3. Utilise All 13 Tags

Etsy offers you the option to add up to 13 tags in your listing editor. Using these tags valuably can give you the opportunity to appear in frequent search queries if they match directly. Etsy uses tags, titles and categories to identify keywords and match your listing to the customers search phrases. 

When deciding which tags to use, it is important to use a variety of niche and more broad terms. Although broader phrases, such as 'handmade jewellery', will be more competitive, it is a basic term that will be used a lot, making it an essential tag to include. But what you may find is that the buyer may decide to narrow down their search options with more specific details. For example, they may decide they want a 'blue handmade necklace', meaning you should consider adding in colours and jewellery type. Try and narrow down the details of your product as much as possible to reach active buyers who know what they are looking for.

It can sometimes be challenging, but make sure to use all of your 13 tags. These are a valuable tool that Etsy uses for direct searches. 

4. Provide Detailed Product Titles 

Having a detailed title is another key SEO factor Etsy takes in to account. It is crucial to include valuable keywords in your title that match the buyers search query or phrase, much like your tags. In fact, if a buyers search query appears in both your tags and your title, Etsy will rank your product listing higher. For example, if a buyer search, '90's aesthetic beaded necklace', you should be including '90's' and 'beaded necklace' in both your title and tags. 

But it is also worth noting that even with detailed keyword research, buyers are going to have different search terms for the same product. For example, one customer may search for '90's aesthetic beaded necklace', but another may consider using 'y2k colourful necklace'. It is important to incorporate alternative search terms into your title and tags to match a variety of buyers phrases.

Thankfully, Etsy give you 140 characters to work with in your title, giving you the ability to add in plenty of product details, including colour, size, material, jewellery type etc. 

Tip: Don't try and stuff in as many keywords as possible in an incoherent way. Etsy values readability, and the quality of your listings. Try and phrase your keywords in logical and easy to read formats. 

5. Use Quality Images

Etsy values products that offer clear images that "invite a closer look". Unlike other sites, such as Ebay and Amazon that prefer white backgrounds, Etsy LOVES for product photos to be a little more creative. Whether it is colourful backdrops, platforms or candid set ups, Etsy gives you the freedom to offer beautiful product images, but need a focus on clarity. 

Screenshot of Etsy Product Listing Editor, highlighting 10 image placeholders

Etsy allows you to add up to 10 product photos on a listing, and even encourages a variety of image types, including variations, size and scale, in the wild and much more. Representing your product in a variety of settings can help create a better shopping experience for your customers. 


6. Include Videos

Videos are a great way to bring your products to life, and add something extra special to stand out from competing listings. Video clips allow you to add a new dimension that can't be achieved with photos and text, and can give your buyers that extra level of detail about your product.

7. Set Up Your Shop Front

Your individual product listings are only as good as your overall shop. In order to rank higher in search results your shop front should provide a valuable and streamlined shopping experience. If someone clicks through to your shop, ask yourself, is it categorised? Does it highlight your benefits? Does it have a strong 'about us' section? 

Using categories in your shop is not just a great way to organise your products, but it also helps with multi-product purchases, and can give your buyers the option to discover a variety of products.

Etsy doesn't just rank you based on your product listing SEO, but it will take in to account your shop front details, such as your location and previous customer experience. 

Tip: Consider adding eye catching images to your header and to your categories displayed on your home page. Along with an aesthetic look, make sure all contact details and 'about us' section is filled in. 


Although these tips can't guarantee extensive sales, they will put you on the right track to getting your jewellery business seen by active buyers. Make sure to keep an eye on your Etsy Statistics to monitor how your shop is being seen. If something isn't working, keep tweaking your listing with more effectively keywords, better titles or more up to date images. 

Comment if these tips were helpful! 

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