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What are you?

We're a jewellery, gift and craft store aiming to get you stuff you love for far less than you'd pay on the High Street.  Please don't be suspicious of our low prices.  We don't have big costs like High Street stores do so we can sell you things you'll like just as much, if not more, for far less cost.



Who are you?

We're a married couple (fifteen years!) called Greg and Ingrid.  This is a real family business and we care about making sure you're happy.  We've run Big Igloo since 2013 and we have thousands of satisfied customers. 



Where are you?

We are based in Liskeard, Cornwall.  Having traded online for five years we're about to open our first shop here.  Wish us luck!



Are your products safe?

Yes!!  Everything is from reputable suppliers and is nickel free and approved for sale in the EU.



I want 20 pairs of earrings for all my bridemaids, my Mum and the in-laws.  Can you do that?

We'd love to cater for whatever large order you may have.  If we haven't got enough of the cheap jewellery you want, we can probably get them.  If you catch us in a good mood, we might even give you a discount on a big order.  Ask Us!



This is too straightforward.  Can I hear about every single legal aspect of buying things from you?

Of course!  Lawyers and those with sleeping difficulties can find what they're looking for here.