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Felt Covered Bead Design Boards. Approx 16x21cm. Light Grey Design.

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These super handy design boards are used to help you pick out the perfect design without stringing them out on your thread beforehand. The U shaped design with the numbers next to it can be used to measure your pieces in cm to give you accurate beading length results.

This bead board also contains 9 handy holders, ideal for organising your beads (because we all know how important that is!). No more chasing beads across the floor. No more misplacing those pesky seed beads. You are a true beading pro with your beading board. 

Although these bead boards are plastic based (making them nice and lightweight), they come with a light grey felt finish, allowing for a non slip finish. These boards measure in at 15.5x21.4cm, and approx 1.8cm in depth, making them a nice travel size. Not only are they are great size, but these also come with a hanging attachment, making them nice and easy to store in your craft rooms. 

Material: Plastic With Felt Finish

Size: 15.5x21.4cm (Approx 1.8cm D)

Pack: 1 board per pack