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50 Multicoloured Butterfly Opaque Acrylic Pendant Beads. 16x16x5mm. 3mm Hole.

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These super cute Butterfly Acrylic Charm Beads are an ultimate beading supply for cute jewellery making and fun kids crafts. Whether these are being used as a pendant for simplistic (yet colourful!) necklaces, or used in mad bead combination pieces, these are a great way to add in a mix of beautiful shape and colour.

These beads come in an array of bold, opaque colours, with a selection in each pack, giving you plenty of colour schemes to play around with! These pendants offer engraved patterning to add some eye catching detailing to each butterfly bead.

These beads measure in at 16x16x5mm and offer a 3mm hole. This generous sizing makes them fun and easy to work with, whether it is for kids crafts or your small jewellery making business. Each pack contains 50 beads.

Material: Acrylic

Bead Size: 16x16x5mm (3mm hole)

Pack Size: 50 Beads