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100 Transparent AB Lustre Star Acrylic Beads. 4 Bright Colours. 10mm. 1.5mm Hole.

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Color: Pink

These beads are truly out of this world! Introducing the AB Lustre Transparent Star Beads, made from safe, durable and light acrylic plastic. These fun beads offer an AB Lustre finish, meaning they create an eye catching shimmer in any beading design.

These beads are 10x4mm and have a centre drilled 1.5mm hole. These come in packs of 100 beads, giving you plenty to work with in one affordable pack. These can be turned into pendants, used for minimalistic jewellery pieces, or even in bright and colourful bead mixes.

Choose from 4 fantastic colours, including Pink, Red, Blue and Yellow. 

Material: Acrylic

Size: 10x4mm (1.5mm hole)

Pack: 100 Beads