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50g Bake Painted Glass Seed Beads. Approx 500 x 4mm (6/0), 1500 x 3mm (8/0), 3000 x 2mm (11/0)

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Color: 2mm Dark Pink

Introducing our Bake Painted Seed Bead range, available in a selection of beautiful pastel colours. These are small glass beads, often used in beaded jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced jewellery maker, these are both easy and fun to work with, and will give you a trendy and colourful look to any of your beading creations. These seed beads feature an opaque finish, offering a bright pop of colour that will stand out in any light. 

Available in 2mm (12/0), 3mm (8/0) or 4mm (6/0). Each bag is a 50g portion, so the number of beads will vary depending on the size of seed bead. You will get approximately: 

  • 2mm: 3000 beads
  • 3mm: 1500 beads
  • 4mm: 500 beads

Please note: Because these are bake painted, we advice not exposing them to perfume products, or wearing them in the shower where they can be subjected to chemical beauty products. It is important to care for these appropriately so they do not lose their colour.