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Evil Eye Glass Beads Single Colours. Flat Round Style. 8mm. 1mm Hole. 49 Beads.

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Color: White

These Glass Flat Evil Eye Beads are great if you want to pop some colour into your design. Their dainty glass material makes any bead creation that little extra special, and can be used on their own, or with other colourful beads. Whether you are working with beaded jewellery, embroidery or any other bead crafts, these are a lovely addition to anyones bead stash.

These beads come in 4 different colours; White, Red, Cyan, Dark Blue. The white blue offers a classic feel, with its opaque, bold finish. the other colours feature a beautiful transparent texture, creating dimension with light. 

These would be great to turn into pendants, charms or to pop on your necklace, bracelet or earrings. These beads are 8mm with a 1mm hole. They come on strands with 49 beads.

Material: Glass

Size: 8mm

Pack: 1 Strand (Approx 49 beads)