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Multicoloured Translucent Jelly Acrylic Pony Beads. 9.5 x 5.5mm. 4mm Hole. Pack Of 100

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These acrylic pony beads are light, colourful and safe. These pony beads are great for those with craft businesses, those looking to make some beaded crafts, or to even keep the kids busy!  The translucent finish add extra depth to your work, they are perfect for key chains, phone chains, jewellery and crafts. 

The 4mm wide hole makes them easy to work with and thread, these only beads can even be used in hair braids, why not add some colour to your next design. Each pack is unique as they're random colours.

These beads are 9.5x5.5mm and have 4mm holes. They come in packs of approx 150. These pony beads can be used for all kinds of crafts due their big holes, enabling easy threading.  So let your imagination run riot!

Material: Acrylic

Size: 9.5mm x 5.5mm (4mm hole)

Pack: 100